For the first time we only have software development division and then to fulfill many demands in another fields, we expand our services. Here are the list of our proven services:

  • Software Development
    Create custom software that meets your business need. We believe that custom software is the only choice that can guarantee more than 80% to running in your company business. There are many ready software available today, but they are all general programs with limited capability, so most of our clients who already came to us was disappointed to all of general programs because they didn’t meet their business style and need.
  • Web Design
    Create a web design for your corporate marketing in web. Not only ussual design, but we combine it with your company philosophy.
  • Web Hosting & Domain Registration
    If you already have a website then why not make it online. We can help you to choose domain name, register that domain, and choose the hosting package that suitable for your need. This service is available for corporate or individual.
  • Product Brochure & Design
    Create company products brochure or company profile.
  • Corporate Logo Design & Tagline
    Create company logo & tagline that meet your corporate philosophy.
  • Selling original software like MS Windows, MS Office, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator,  Autocad, Corel, Kaspersky, etc
  • Hardware Supplier
    Supply for corporate or individual. The hardware is not only computer spare parts but also for network hardware.
  • Hardware & Software Maintenance
    We also maintain your computer and network hardware. Software maintenance is maintaining that related to software problem like virus, driver error, etc. This service also available for corporate or individual.
  • Networking
    Create office networking (LAN) which is not only for Windows environment, but also for Linux (Ubuntu distro)
  • Joint Development
    This is a special service, where we fully function as IT consultant that only assist your internal company programmer to meet your business need.
  • In-house Training
    Manage computer training for corporate staff to increase their capability in the tools that they use in their daily operation. The effect is your staff can work more efficient than before and drive your business to run more efficient and robust.
  • Software Migration
    As for our commitment to support open source community, we also support the need to migrate your software to open source solution software and also training your staff with this new software. For example your company want to use open source software that can replace Microsoft Office functions, then we will analyze the cost and benefit of this migrating effort, and then give best solution for this problem. The main reason to migrate to open source software is to lower the cost of software license (TCO) and to become legal (not using pirate software).
  • Mobile Application
    Create application that running on mobile device