We always bring new technology to our clients, it means our products always up to date. This also prove that we commit to bring our customer with the latest technology, but not only latest but also more mature technology, as we know technology is always move so fast in development. Most of technologies that we use are an open source project with proven quality. The main reasons are we can use legal software with low TCO and also huge support from user all around the world. The open source software also have a quick patch/bug fixing than proprietary software.

Here are some technologies that we use in our development:

  • Lazarus
    This is a Borland-Delphi-like programming. We choose this because it has a mature development and many active communities to support it. Also the code can be compiled in multi-platform environment (Windows, Linux, Unix, MacOS).
  • Firebird RDBMS
    Free open source relational database management system that achieve 2 Sourceforge (the biggest community repository in the internet) award as “Best User Support” and “Best Project for the Enterprise”. This database is also multi-platform.
  • PHP
    Mature language for web development since 1995 with huge community and already used by many website on internet.
  • Java Micro Edition (J2ME)
    The technology that can bring small device the programmable capability. It is sponsored by Sun Microsystem.